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At Pinewood Family Care Co. we only accept a limited number of Members so our Board Certified Family Medicine, Gynecology, and Emergency Medicine Physicians can provide each Fam Member the time and attention provide their own family.

What makes Pinewood Family Care Co. different from traditional physician practices?

First, Pinewood has roughly 1/10th the number of members compared to the number of patients in traditional hospital-owned primary care practices in New Jersey. Our first locations in Downtown Jersey City, NJ are conveniently located and provide medical, wellness, and child care services. Our physicians are happier than their hospital-employed peers because they have the ability to spend optimal time with each patient, whether in-person, by text/ email, or via telehealth. By providing enhanced access to our Members, and limiting the number of Members, we’re able to provide the most comprehensive care possible.

What services are offered by Pinewood Family Care Co.?

At Pinewood Family Care Co. we offer limitless access to Primary Care, Urgent Care, Gynecology, and Emergency Medicine private physicians in-person (in office or at home) and by video, phone/ text, and email. Members also have access to discounted ancillary services like medications, labs, imaging, and nutrition services.

Do I need to have insurance in order to use Pinewood Family Care Co.?

We welcome Members regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Our low monthly Membership and one-time visit fee make it possible for anyone who has Commercial Insurance to seek reimbursement directly from their insurance company. Our company is ideal for those local residents who either have no insurance, or have a plan through their employers that is a High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP). We help you save your health insurance for what it is really intended for – emergent situations.

What are the qualifications of Pinewood Family Care Co. physicians?

Pinewood Family Care Co. are Board-certified physician experts in a variety of primary and specialty fields including: Family Medicine, Gynecology, and Emergency Medicine. Additionally we have a network of specialists that we work with who are all equally qualified and available to Members in New Jersey.

Can I test out a Membership? What if I don’t like the service?

All Members are invited to do a one-time (video or in-person) visit which can be applied towards a Membership after the initial physician meeting.

Where are you located? Where can I get care?

Pinewood Family Care Co. is a part of HealCo, Inc.’s “Health System whiteout Walls”. By cutting out the “middlemen” like insurance companies, our Physicians are liberated to apply their knowledge and skills – regardless of whether it’s care being delivered in-person (at office or at home) or by phone (video/text/email). Traditional practice issues like rushed appointments, long waits, and lack of availability are not issues for Pinewood Family Care Co. members. Our first Pinewood Family Care Co. office is located for Members by appointment only at:

307 York Street                                                                                                            Jersey City, NJ 07302

I love the Pinewood Family Care Co. concept but I don’t live near the Jersey City office. Can I still become a Member?

Absolutely! We have Members from all over New Jersey and they can access our physicians by phone or in-person whenever needed. Pinewood Family Care Co. also has plans for expansion to other parts of the state throughout 2022 and 2023 – so definitely stay connected with us!

Direct Primary Care

Longitudinal care. Medical care is delivered by one provider in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, the office, home, workplace, or assisted-living facility. This care covers evening, nighttime, and weekend hours for urgent and emergent matters. If a medical problem is deemed too complex, the direct primary care provider consults and coordinates care with the appropriate sub-specialist.

Personal. Direct primary care practices tend to be quite small, generally limited to between 400 to 600 patients (compared to 2000-3000 in a traditional practice) allowing more personalized care.

Patient-oriented. Due to the small size and the direct payment structure of these practices, providers have plenty of time to spend with each patient. This ultimately saves the patient money by reducing unnecessary medications, bub-specialist appointments, ER visits, and hospital stays.

Autonomy. Direct primary care practices provide medical care that is not modified or dictated by insurance companies or government entities. Third-party interference is therefore a non-issue.

Convenience. Medical care is provided at a time and place that is most convenient for the patient. Some care can be delivered by webcam, email, or phone, saving the patient even more time and money.

Preventative Care. Direct primary care encourages wellness visits due to the nature of the prepaid membership feel Patients are more apt to seek preventative care since this fee has already been paid, ultimately decreasing unnecessary illness and other medical problems.

Above is an excerpt from “Direct Primary Care, What it is, How it’s different & Who it works best for” ebook by Dr. Richard Samuel, MD.

Traditional Care

Fragmented care. Typical health care is delivered by multiple sub-specialists. The problem with having multiple medical professionals is even more affected by working after hours and on the weekends. Care is even more fragmented when you throw in urgent care or emergency rooms.

Impersonal. Larger doctor offices tend to be overcrowded and impersonal. The staff has to be larger to tend to the number of patients providing a more difficult relationship with each patient.

Production oriented. Most physicians who are a part of a large practice are in the mode of seeing a patient and providing them with a diagnosis as quickly as possible. Thus, providing them with the opportunity to move on to the next patient.

Third party interference. Once insurance and the government are involved in your medical decisions, your best interests are typically not taken into consideration.

Inconvenience. In large physician’s offices, you may not be able to schedule your appointment at a time that is conducive to your schedule. This means you may have to go to urgent care or spend time in overcrowded areas.

Hidden charges. Due to the fact the medical field does not have to publish all charges and fees, there is a lack of transparency. Many patients who pay for treatment out-of-pocket are often scared to seek medical care.



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