The Pinewood Family Care Co. unlocks the superpowers of the key healthcare decision maker in your home. We offer local residents the opportunity to omnichannel access to care however they need it – close to home or work and on their own terms – in-person, online, or by telemedicine. Our network of Family Medicine Physicians, Women’s Health/ Gynecology experts, and Specialists treating ADHD to Surgery and everything in between. Our community is built on the central premise of making access to your family’s healthcare easier by delivering it hyper locally. Although we do not contract with insurances, many people are surprised to learn that a majority of our Fam (members) have an insurance plan and still choose to pay out of pocket for our services. Why? Because care is better when you don’t use insurance. Most health insurance plans through employers have thousands of dollars in  deductibles that need to be reached before insurance actually kicks in. On top of that, insurance narrow networks of doctors are inundated and our members say wait times are an average of 30 days or more to get an appointment. Moreover, you have to drive to a doctor’s office, wait in a packed waiting room, only for the pleasure of meeting a doctor for 5 minutes. At Pinewood Family Care Co., we treat every person in your family like a member of ours. That’s why we don’t bill members for every visit. That’s why we cancelled waiting rooms and we limit the number of members our doctors see in a day. That’s why we’ve unlocked the most comprehensive network of shared medical offices across the region to deliver access hyper locally – right in your neighborhood.

Annual Memberships and One Time Visits Available!!